Catfish contest rules


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2019 Rules

  1. Only one biggest Catfish can be registered per name.
  2. once a biggest Catfish is registered, a bigger one cannot be substituted.
  3. Biggest Catfish cannot be included on the biggest stringer.
  4. Only one biggest stringer of up to four fish can be registered per name.
  5. Biggest Stringer of up to four Catfish must all be weighed at the same time  - no exceptions!
  6. Bigger Catfish cannot be substituted on the biggest stringer once the stringer is weighed.
  7. Catfish cannot be added to the stringer once the stringer is weighed if your stringer does not have four Catfish.
  8. Contest begins at 12:01 AM Friday and continues until Noon on Sunday.
  9. Fishing can only be done in the Floodwoood, Savanna, Whiteface, and St. Louis Rivers in the Floodwood, Brookston, and Meadowlands areas only.
  10. All Weights are final.

Everyone must follow state fishing rules!!!